Send SMS messages with your location

  • Create clickable SMS Buttons with location sharing
  • Click SMS Button to send your message
  • Customize message text, receiver, location share
  • Receiver gets your SMS with map link to your location

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  • Send message with your location on a map
  • Express yourself with emoticons
  • Express yourself with emoticons
  • Easily setup your message


ClickSMS Buttons

Create clickable SMS buttons for frequently used messages. Takes less than a minute to create your first SMS button.

Location Sharing

Include your location on a map in your message. Location sharing with a click.

Customizing Buttons

Making your messages personal is easy. Select receiver, write your own message and turn location sharing on or off.

Click! to Send

Click SMS button to send your message. Send to any phones. Receiver gets your message as a normal SMS with map link to your location.

How it works

Using ClickSMS is easy:
1. Edit message text and select the receiver.
2. Turn location sharing on or off.
3. Click SMS Button to send the message.
4. Receiver gets your SMS with map link to your location.

My Message with My Location

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with ClickSMS?

You can use ClickSMS for fast SMS messaging for frequently used messages. Everyone has the use case of their own, but here some ideas to inspire the use:

» Kids can click a button to message mom or dad that they are ok or needing help. Kids location on a map comes inside SMS.
» Elderly people can use ClickSMS as a large and easy to click "Panic button" when needing help.
» Create a button for frequently used messages like asking your friend if he wants to go jogging today.
» Share your location with buddies with a click letting them know your whereabouts.

Can I create many SMS Buttons?

Yes you can. ClickSMS Messenger contains multiple customizable SMS Buttons for different use purposes.

Does it cost to use ClickSMS?

ClickSMS app is free to download. When you use ClickSMS to send messages your operator will charge the normal SMS cost for sent messages.

How does the location sharing happen in ClickSMS?

ClickSMS detects your phone GPS location and sends it as part of the message. The receiver will get a Map link to your GPS location inside the SMS. Map link opens a web page with your location on a map.

Can I send group messages with ClickSMS?

Soon you can. We will soon introduce new SMS Buttons with new types of intelligence inside. For the moment, you can customize SMS button for a single recipient, and choose whether you want to share your location in your SMS.

What is coming next?

Next we will add ClickSMS Widgets for your hot SMS Buttons.

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Story behind the app

We came up with this new messaging idea and concept that we named "Button Messaging". We were first thinking of elderly people and how we could assist them by bringing very large HELP and I AM OK buttons on their phones to click.

For our delight we then discovered that the same use case was warmly welcomed by parents of young kids and travellers.

The value of "one click to send a fast SMS with location" turned out to fit even broader use scenarios as there is actually no limit for use cases and contexts. The app uses standard SMS so it works across all phones and everyone we talk to seems to have the use purpose of their own.

One wants to ask their buddies for a beer letting them know the bar they’re at, the other one wants to order pizza with SMS, and the third one wants to repeatedly SMS his girlfriend how much he loves her. And then of course, people want widgets, group messaging and create their own theme buttons.

And this is a positive problem for us and keeps us motivated adding new cool features in our messenger app.

Tom Ojala

App Creator

Eero Rönkkö

App Creator

What do people think?

I am diabetic and was very sick lately and I had a hard time remembering my daughter-in-law's phone number. This app came a life-saver in an emergency versus wearing a panic button. Very simple to use.

Janey Ramirez Texas, USA

Nice application. Good for relationships.

Ali Kabiri, UK ★★★★★ @Google Play

Good tool for kids.

Tanja Lintunen, Finland ★★★★★ @Google Play

Handy and useful tool to send messages to my husband. Very practical.

Mercedes Delgado, Uruguay ★★★★★ @Google Play

Super simple! Great work! I can tell my wife “coming home” with just a click.

Claudio M. Camacho, Spain ★★★★★ @Google Play

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